• Aaron Diamond

The Barn from the Beginning

The barn is located on 15 acres at the intersection of Heather Hue Road and Mid-Valley road in Enoch, Utah, just outside Cedar City. The Old Spanish trail runs past the site, with a beautiful view of the mountains available from all directions.

The Foundations are dug and readied for the first pour of concrete.

And we are off on a new adventure in a cloud of dust!

The framing begins with the talented and hardworking Summit Construction. They are super guys to have around.

Roof and porches are added. The curved supports were actually fashioned by Summit master craftsman with a chainsaw.

Oliver James, our self appointed foreman.

The corner post construction.

The interior beams going up. Windows and doors have arrived.

Winter weather slows the project and Snickers waits for a treat.

The side porches are covered in.

Upstairs, the grooms' room is ready for paint.

The brides' room gets a coat of delicate green.

We've much to do, but we are well on our way to the opening of a unique event location!

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